Why School? (as inspired by Mrs. Ripp’s 5th graders)



Dear #phsCONlit students,

Today, we are going to be reading some of Pernille Ripp’s 5th graders’ blog post about this question: WHY SCHOOL?

1. Think about your own answer to this question (Why school?) and the follow-ups that are easily derived. (What has it done for you? Is it important? Is it for everyone? What alternatives are there? What works well? What could be better?) Answer these questions either mentally, on paper, or in your own blog.

2. Then … (and only after you’ve given it some significant thought) read what the 5th graders had to say. There are links to their blogs below.

3. Respond to their blog posts in the comments.

4. Remember: Comments need to be high quality. Here are some guidelines to follow when posting.

The best kinds of comments are …

A. questions that extend the conversation

Why do you believe the unicameral is such a positive thing?
Do you believe that this will change the way we do business in America?

B. observations about the content or style of the post

I noticed that you are very passionate about aliens!
I’d never thought about deer habitats from the perspective of a deer before I read your post.

C. counter-points to a position (done respectfully)

As someone who has experienced hunger first-hand, I disagree with your stance on welfare.

D. personal or observational connections you made to their post

This reminds me of the time I made my teacher laugh so hard, she cried.
Your writing reminds me of David Sedaris’s!

Mix up your response types too. READ the OTHER COMMENTS already posted and try to add something NEW to the conversation.



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