Be kind to others AND yourself.


I read this somewhere recently, and it really made me think! When someone does us a favor, we (usually) say, “That person is kind,” rather than, “I must be pretty awesome, since that person was so nice to me.” On the flip side, sometimes when someone acts in an unkind (or even cruel) manner toward us, we sometimes feel like WE will be judged harshly by others as a result of that person’s behavior. The judgment part might be true, (humans can be a judgey lot) but that person’s unkindness says much more about them than it does about you. That person’s actions don’t characterize who you are; it characterizes them. (The way you respond to unkindness is also an action.) School is a place where we act and react hundreds of times per day. The way you choose to act will be what ultimately what defines you, so it’s important to make sure your actions match your beliefs, (and if you mess up, [we all do from time to time] it’s okay to admit that and make amends if necessary).

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