Writing Assignments

Dead Poet’s Society, Journal #1: Daring (3-1-16)

Fall Girl

Steve Corey via Compfight

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Answer ONE of the following prompts in paragraph form.


  • Describe a time when you did something “daring.”
  • Use at least 2 Show Not Tell strategies (action, description of setting, physical description of character, dialogue, internal thoughts, internal physical sensations) in your description.
  • Boldface where you use these strategies.



  • Describe something you’d like to do that is “daring” but haven’t done yet or are afraid to do it.
  • Make sure to answer these questions in your writing:
    • Why do you want to do this?
    • What or who has influenced you to do this particular thing?
    • Why do you think you haven’t done it yet?
    • Do you think that you will ever do it?