About Mrs. M.

Oh, hai!

I am Jodie Morgenson, an English Language Arts teacher in Nebraska and I’m heading into my 18th year of teaching. By blogging publicly, I hope to create a space of sharing, and reflection for my students, their parents, and other educators.

This blog represents my thoughts, not those of my employer, colleagues, students, or family members. One of my main loves in life is dialogue, so I would love to hear from you, whether you agree or disagree with me.

Many times I work things out in my mind, or try things on for size right here in my blog, so many of the words you read here are the unfinished, transitory, contemplations of an eccentric, eclectic teacher from the middle of the United States. The longer I teach, the curiouser* life becomes.


my school’s mascot
District145Logo_VikingsMaroonSilvermy husband and I

IMG_0550 our farm


*The word curiouser  was coined by Lewis Caroll in Alice in Wonderland, which is a childhood favorite of mine.

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