Million Word Essay

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Hello 2019! This semester I’m pulling out an old trick and asking parents and guardians to tell me about their children in a million words or fewer. I have already had a few responses and it is so lovely to read about my students in the words of someone who loves them. (I learned this trick from @char.riewer when I was a CADRE mentor through U of NE at Omaha in 2010.)

Bikes In München

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In München (Munich) many people ride bikes instead of cars or public transport. There is a special bike lane, and it is very important that you not ever stand in the bike lane because it’s very likely you will be hit! In fact, several of our travelers had near misses because they didn’t heed our tour guide’s warnings. 🚲

Hallo, Studenten!

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I spent New Year’s Eve in Munich, Germany. It was an experience I will never forget. If you have the chance to travel, seize it! It will open your eyes and change your life for the better. Frohes neues Jahr! (I will be sitting in the airport for a while today, so I will share more pictures in a little bit.

Take care of yourself.

Forever teatime

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Self-care can be tricky because it’s often the first thing we cut out if we run out of time. This school year I’m going to try to be better about prioritizing self-care. I have found if I don’t take care of me, it’s awfully hard to take care of others. This school year, I’m going to make every effort to practice a self-care routine EVERYDAY—even when it’s hard. Self-care routines don’t need to be lengthy or intricate, but they should take care of your emotional, physical, social, practical, mental, and spiritual needs. For me, this means that every day I’m going to read something enjoyable, write something meaningful, spend time alone and in silence, make something prettier than it was when I found it, eat healthy foods, and practice yoga. On some days I may spend only minutes on each of these things, but doing them every day will be what protects me in those really tough moments that life has a tendency to deal us. I hope you have or are thinking of a self-care routine for this school year too.

Your circle should want what is best for you.

Your circle should always want to see you win. * Your circle should surround you with love when you lose. * Your circle should clap SO LOUD when you have good news. * Your circle should offer you shelter in times of trouble. * If your circle does not offer you these simple things, it’s time to look for a new circle. ❤️⭕️❤️ (riff of an image/sentiments I saw @tarahshomas share earlier this week. #inspiration)